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A creator, a dreamer and a rainbow

Arwen Ace Designs is bourne from a passion to create treasures that allow us to practice that all important ‘self care’ or to gift to others allowing them to do the same, including the book  Rupert’s Black Dog.

What people say about Rupert's black dog

"It is clear that it was written with a keen understanding of people dealing with anxiety and depression, as well as with an eye towards the specific concerns held by children. I commend you for wanting to help children struggling with mental health issues along with spreading awareness of these issues."

Hon. Julie Anne Genter
Associate Minister of Health

"Wow, what a massive piece of work, and such a gift to others - the ending where he discovers and uses his 'gift' is just perfect. It has a touch of magic and hope and generosity. I appreciate that was a massive undertaking and has so much of you in it. I hope you proceed with getting it 'out there' in the world for others to benefit from."

Jacqueline Harris
Mothers and Babies CHCH

"It wonderfully explains how depression and anxiety work and feel. Great descriptive language. I loved that you had the friend who has been through it giving some help and really really loved that you said it may always be with you but it will be able to be managed. Rather than a quick fix and it's gone for good. When it gets published we will definitely get a copy for our resources. You should be very proud of yourself, it is a great piece of writing."

Erin Manning
PND Canterbury Support Group Facilitator

"I love how it will not only help people be more aware of someone who needs support with their mental health, but also will help people have a better understanding of what someone is feeling and going through and then in turn, will feel more confident in supporting them. I loved Rupert's journey throughout the story and absolutely loved the tools and strategies that you talked about. I loved the message around Rupert sharing his story and encouraging others to share their stories and supporting others. It's beautifully written."

Ana Brown
Social worker

"To think my son could read something like this if he ever goes through, or even just at an age where he wants to understand how other people think, it's just priceless. I can't remember being more moved by a piece of literary work. I told my husband about your story a few days ago, didnt read the whole thing just explained the concept and stuff, didn't know how much he listened to . . . tonight I had a total meltdown, I couldn't talk because of the tears and he just said "tell me what the black dog is saying", I was floored, it changed the whole conversation about what was going on in my head, I am smiling now . . . you have changed lives."

A mum, experiencing post natal depression